Adviser Toolbox by P. Szaro
Healthy Motivation 1 by P. Szaro
Healthy Motivation 2 by P. Szaro
YBK Ad Sales Sheet

Their Look Your Book by Yvetta Passmore

SAC Jou 1 & 2. xls by Sarah Ashman
How to Make the EOC's... by Sarah Ashman

Plan Create Submit.pdf
Production Calendar Ex.xls by T. Reddeck

Bear High Five by A. Marrara & S. Yost
Caption Help by A. Marrara & S. Yost
Checklist Old Example by A. Marrara & S. Yost
Checklist by A. Marrara & S. Yost
Sad Kitten by A. Marrara & S. Yost
Facing Organizational Challenges

Middle School Captions Practice.pdf
Middle Captions.pps
Middle School Coverage.pdf
Middle School Photography.pdf
Middle School Photography.pps
Photo Composition Quiz.pdf

Alternative Coverage by Christy Porcelli
Staff Manual as a Word Doc by Christy Porcelli

 Class project by Markham Woods MS
      Yearbook Moments Instructions - pdf
      Yearbook Moments Instructions - Word
      Yearbook Moments - PDF
      Yearbook Moments - PPT

5 SPRING STEPS - March 2017
     5 Spring Steps and Theme Stayshop
     Kinds of Themes PPT
     Theme Ideas - HJ
     Cover Creation PDF
     Cover Sketch Handout
     Samples of Theme Copy
     Marketing Documents

2016 Summer Workshop Files

Adapting Design from Magazine - J. Otero
Grading Yearbook - Katie Merritt
The Point_Holistic Scoring Guide - K. Merritt
Yearbook Editor Weekly Grade - K. Merritt
Yearbook Grading Rubric - K. Merritt
Yearbook Rubric - Katie Merritt
Yearbook Staff Contract - Katie Merritt
Yearbook Weekly Grade Sheet - K.Merritt
Law and Ethics - Joe Humphrey
Say What - Interview! - Joe Humphrey
Copy Rock - Joe Humphrey