“Now that our book is done, what should we do now?”
Do you rest on your laurels? Of course not!
There are projects you can do to make sure you get a jump start on your 2019 book.
Recruiting staff, planning a marketing campaign,
coming up with some great themes, teaching and
creating mods for design and registering for
Yearbookpalooza this spring will ensure a stress-free, happier fall.
Use this package and go through all the steps before school gets out for the summer. For each step, we have given you ideas on how we can help you.
Happy spring!

Links to the Documents for our 5 SPRING STEPS
     5 Spring Steps and Theme Stayshop
     Kinds of Themes PPT
     Theme Ideas - HJ
     Cover Creation PDF
     Cover Sketch Handout
     Samples of Theme Copy
     Marketing Documents