All-School Survey Idea

Have you ever thought to conduct an all-school survey to get names of people with interesting hobbies, achievements and experiences, to measure student preferences for food, music, movies, etc. and/or to collect quotes that could be used throughout the book? 

         Rather than burden yourself or a staffer with the responsibility of creating the survey, let the entire staff participate. Set aside a time to brainstorm as many questions as possible. (Make sure to have someone taking notes.) Then decide how to conduct your survey: handouts in homeroom or English class, create a zoomerang or other online survey. 

          It’s a great way to find some interesting things about fellow classmates that students might not have time to find otherwise. These make for great leads for features throughout your book. And more importantly it will allow you to cover more people. 

ATTACHMENT: Do you have any ideas for survey questions?

Together we can,


eShare is a dedicated site, just for your school. Students, parents and teachers can upload photos for your consideration for use in the yearbook.

It is very quick and easy to set up. The instructions are below. 


I love this site for a few reasons:

1. It makes the person uploading photos put information, such as names, before uploading. This helps you with your captions.

2. You do not have to download photos, then upload them into eDesign if you use eDesign. You can move photos directly from eShare to your eDesign library.

3. No more finding photos in your email in box! 

4. Most importantly, it is a great tool for selling yearbooks. If people submit photos, they will feel like they are a part of the yearbook and probably want one.

Follow the simple instructions, and please let me know if you have any questions.

Go to

o   Log in with the Adviser username and password

o   The Preferences screen should pop-up. (if not, click Preferences.)

·         Step 1

o   Press Next

·         Step 2

o   Add the Code that people will use to access the school’s eShare

o   Press Check Availability

o   You can copy it to paste somewhere by pressing Copy to Clipboard.

o   Press Next

·         Step 3

o   Set start and end dates.

o   To keep open, leave the end date blank

o   Option to not show on Yearbook Order Center, Check to hide.

o   Press Next

·         Step 4

o   Add Contact name, phone number and email address

o   Press Next

·         Step 5

o   Press Done.

Herff Jones eDesign Curriculum

Hi everyone.

If you use eDesign, you may want to make use of our great eDesign online curriculum.

The eDesign Curriculum Advisers Guide is attached, and it explains everything the curriculum covers.

This online curriculum takes you through 8 lessons. 

Here are the steps:

1. Students go to the eDesign site and click on the HELP button on the top.

2. They click on the curriculum, then click on the first lesson. They can download the Student Guide to fill out as they work through the lesson.

3. The lesson will begin with a short (about 3 minutes) video, then ask the students to go to the eDesign site and practice the lesson. After they practice, they go to the next part of the curriculum.

Each of the 8 lessons could take about one 40-45 minute yearbook period, but results may vary. :)

I HIGHLY suggest you have each and every one of your students go through each step of this curriculum if you use eDesign.

Thank you, and let me know if you have any questions.


Social Media to Promote Yearbook

Have you thought of promoting yearbooks through social media? If you want to but haven’t done so yet, here is step by step on what you should do:

              1.  Designate a Social Media Manager. That student will be in charge of updating any and all social media outlets.

              2. Setup accounts that are unique to your yearbook on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Pinterest. 

      For example, if your mascot or name of your yearbook publication is a Patriot, then your account should be @PatriotYearbook.

              3. Upload content to your page. You only get one first impression. So if you invite friends and there is nothing to look at, why would they want to follow you?

              4. After there is content, invite everyone to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ you. Your friends, their friends, their mothers, etc. The more viral you can get the word out the better. Have each of your students post on their personal accounts to follow the yearbook account.

      Remember to keep your content up-to-date and ALWAYS BE POSTING!

*See attachment: Social Media Kit

Together we can,

Back to School Idea!

Welcome back to school!

As a back to school idea, please consider this team building activity:

Name: I Like People Who...

Materials: a chair for each person

• Ask all of the participants to form a circle with their chairs.

• As the leader, begin by standing in the middle of the chairs.

• Explain that the person in the middle must introduce himself in the following format: "My name is _____ and I like people who..." and they will fill in the blank with something like "are wearing blue jeans" or "have an older sibling."

• Anyone in the circle who fits the description must stand up and move to a different chair. The last person standing continues with "My name is _____ and I like people who..." and so on.

• Encourage the participants to be creative and look beyond physical aspects of the group.

Use this game as an introduction at the start of the year or when some members of the group are new. Rather than spotlight the new people, this game makes everyone the center of attention at some point and also requires that everyone introduce themselves in a fun format. The is a good energizer since it gets everyone moving around.

Have a great week, and thank you for all you do.