All-School Survey Idea

Have you ever thought to conduct an all-school survey to get names of people with interesting hobbies, achievements and experiences, to measure student preferences for food, music, movies, etc. and/or to collect quotes that could be used throughout the book? 

         Rather than burden yourself or a staffer with the responsibility of creating the survey, let the entire staff participate. Set aside a time to brainstorm as many questions as possible. (Make sure to have someone taking notes.) Then decide how to conduct your survey: handouts in homeroom or English class, create a zoomerang or other online survey. 

          It’s a great way to find some interesting things about fellow classmates that students might not have time to find otherwise. These make for great leads for features throughout your book. And more importantly it will allow you to cover more people. 

ATTACHMENT: Do you have any ideas for survey questions?

Together we can,